WellStyles – An Award Winning Program Developed Here in Arizona!

Valley Schools’ Award Winning WellStyles Program

Valley Schools has developed a scientific approach to wellness called the WellSytles Program TM.  Valley Schools provides insurance and benefits services to many local school districts and other government entities in Arizona.  They found out that a focus on wellness can really pay off in lower premiums by keeping people healthier.  Here is a link to this program:


If you want a copy of their monthly newsletter with ideas for health living, recipes and other great materials, feel free to contact Rebecca McGonigle at that link.  I am sure she would love to help out by putting you on the mailing list.  We will also see if we can get copies of the prior and future reports to post here as well.

WellStyles focuses on 1) informing members of how they can influence current and future health through diet and healthy living; 2) by giving members opportunities to participate in activities that will help them; and 3) providing rewards to incentivize members to participate in improving their own health and lifestyles.

Keep up the great work Valley Schools!

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