Dr. Andrew Weil – Arizona’s own health guru!

A great source of advice on healthy living is Dr. Andrew Weil in southern Arizona.  You can get a wealth of information from his website at:





I first saw him speak in person at an annual conference two years ago sponsored by the Valley Schools Employee Benefits Trust (VSEBT).  He spoke on health in general and how America is missing the boat.  Dr. Weil is unique in that he is not only a traditionally trained doctor, but also has traveled the world to study eastern and other medicinal remedies.  He has an eclectic view to health that includes meditation, stress relief, healthy living and healthy foods, with traditional medicine only when necessary.  He has lectured many times on various subjects and has some wonderful books out as well.

In Phoenix there is a restaurant that he helped design healthy, natural menu items for that highly recommend called, True Foods.  It is located at around 24th Street and Camelback in the Biltmore shopping center.  If nothing else, it has a unique atmosphere and I recommend you check it out.

One message Dr. Weil said that really stuck with me is that wellness and health is not simply the absence of sickness.  It is leading a full and happy life.  He has a program you can follow to that is very effective.  Two things I remember from it well are 1) do not watch TV or the news for two weeks; 2) and spend at least one hour a day in meditation or gardening, simply reflecting.  I tried those and my stress went down tremendously.

You should definitely check out his philosophy and some of his literature.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Andrew Weil – Arizona’s own health guru!

  1. I love Dr. Weil’s philosophies. I believe there is a place for western and other healing methods. It’s all about the balance

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