Scared Straight Video for Diabetes Patients

Diabetes is one of the number one killers in America, claiming the lives of some 250,000 people every year and resulting in nearly 100,000 amputations.  It is also the leading cause of blindness among adults.  Do you suffer from diabetes?  Are you a pre-diabetic and your doctor has told you to make changes?  Do you have a loved one or friend with diabetes?  Chances are you answered yes to one or more of those questions.  If you did, please get the person to watch this graphic video of what will happen if they do not keep their diabetes under control:

Click on the center video, Just under the words “Video Center.” with the picture of the older doctor on it.


The video is 19 – 1/2 minutes long, but it could save the life of you or someone you love.  Most diabetics never take care of themselves until it is too late.  Don’t let that happen to you or ones you care about.

reposted courtesy of Tom Boone, Andrea Billings, and the team at Valley Schools Management Group

6 thoughts on “Scared Straight Video for Diabetes Patients

  1. I’m just wondering why the doctor made more of a distinction as to Type 2 Diabetes at the end of this video. I have a friend whose 13 year old daughter seems to be oblivious as to the potential dangers of pretending she’s just another normal teenager. This would have been a much better video to try to get the message across to her if the specific references to Type 2 Diabetes had been avoided…unfortunately she’ll likely just say well I have Type 1 so that doesn’t apply to me.
    Thank you for the information, stories and pictures, hopefully they will make some sort of impression. Would really appreciate any comments with a nudge in the right direction to find more information she can’t ignore.

    • I very much appreciate your comment. Our focus at the time was to get adults to prevent or treat their Type 2 Diabetes as it is well within their control through proper diet, exercise and monitoring. I actually wrote and directed the film with that purpose in mind when I worked at an organization responsible for the healthcare of 50,000 adults. Type 1 Diabetes is much more severe than Type 2 because it strikes early and there is very little you can do to avoid it. All the same ill effects happen in Type 1, but much quicker in life. If someone watching this video believes Type 1 is less severe, the opposite is actually true. Type 1 strikes early, cannot be avoided, and the individual needs to practice proper nutrition, monitoring and exercise much sooner to avoid serious results. I knew a few teenagers growing up with Type 1 Diabetes and the pressure from their peers to indulge is strong because many of their friends don’t understand just how dangerous and life-threatening even a few lapses in diet can be. Thank you for your comment and I will pray for your friend’s daughter to have the strength and perseverance to manage their disease.

      • Hi I would love to watch this video but im confused on where to find it.. when i click the link u have above nothing pops up.. am i clicking the wrong link? help me please !

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