Good News for Breast Cancer Screening

Seven Minutes Can Save Your Life!

SOLIS healthcare, a premier provider of mammogram screenings and treatment of breast cancer have teamed up with the Valley Schools Employee Benefits Trust (VSEBT) to provide free screenings to thousands of teachers across the state.  Teachers will receive Harkins movie passes just for getting their mammogram.  This famous Arizona provider of women’s health is that determined to encourage women to have mammograms on time.

At age 20, you should start self-examinations for lumps.  From age 20-39, your doctor should check for lumps during your annual physical.  For women over 40,mammograms once per year, for women over 50 once every two years.  If you feel any lumps either in the breast area or the lymph nodes under your arm, you should immediately seek out a medical provider to be screened.

With early detection through mammograms, tiny lumps can be detected and treated before they spread.  Early detection can increase your chance of survival dramatically and cut costs to around $5,000, shared by your insurance plan coverage.  Late detection means the cancer may have advanced and spread, first to your lymph nodes, later to other parts of the body. At this point more radical treatment is required, averaging $150,000 and more importantly, a much higher mortality rate.

Here is a chart that shows the difference:

There are around 250,000 new breast cancer cases each year.  5,000 of those are in men.  Though rare, men should also feel for lumps in their chest wall on a regular basis.  220,0o0 occur in women over 50, however, the 25,000 women per year who develop breast cancer before age 50 often have more aggressive tumors, and that is why annual mammograms are recommended.  If you have a lump, don’t panic.  90% of tumors are benign, and with early detection your prognosis is much better.

Don’t let yourself or your loved ones die because they failed to get their mammograms.  If you are in a school district of 3,000 employees, statistically, one or two of your fellow workers will die per year because they did not get their mammograms.  It is that important.

Solis BenOra has five comfortable facilities around the valley.  While this particular program is available through VSEBT for its members, ask your employer about Solis Health.  You can get more information at:

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