Is It a Cold or a Flu?

Many of us get colds and influenza or flu confused.  In addition, most people do not realize that both colds and flu are caused by a virus.  Viruses are NOT affected by anti-biotics.  You should not expect anti-biotics for cold and flu.  In fact, the best treatments are bed rest, lots of fluids, and zinc.  Zinc is the active ingredient in zycam, Airborne and other products.  Taking cheap zinc pills can reduce the severity and length of colds and flu significantly.  The reason you need fluids is kind of gross.  Over 90% of your mucus is water.  When you get congested, much of it goes into your stomach.  This can ruin your appetite and make you feel nauseous or full.  You can lose gallons of water this way and become quickly dehydrated, which can be life threatening.  So, force yourself to replace this liquid with lots of water, and maybe Gatorade or other sports drinks with electrolytes if you are not eating much.  Rest is your bodies way to relax and get better.












Some people do get post-viral infections.  Unfortunately, if your body is already fighting a virus, weak, maybe dehydrated and possibly full of mucus, it is a target rich environment for bacteria to jump in and attack.  The only time you should expect anti-biotics is if your doctor believes you have developed a bacteria based infection.

Here are some charts from various sources for you to look at to see if you have a cold or the flu.  In most cases, you should have it run its course in 7 to 10 days.  For the sake of others, please don’t roam around and spread your illness because you want to suck it up and do your job.  All you are doing is getting others sick.

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