H-PACT – Saving Money for Arizona Cities and Towns

H-PACT – The Health Insurance Plans for Arizona Cities and Towns, sponsored and endorsed by the League of Arizona Cities and Towns (azleague.org) is a program administered through the Valley Schools Employee Benefits Group (VSEBT) which allows cities and towns in Arizona to group purchase employee benefits and other insurance.  Arizona has long enjoyed the benefits of its cities and towns working together on various projects and speaking with a unified voice.  H-PACT brings them the ability to save money by selecting either group purchasing options or purchasing individually.

By bringing together more employees into a purchasing entity, you can garner better services and lower prices.  It is the same reason that most state agencies use the state retirement system and the state employee benefits system rather than going out as individual agencies and all bidding separately.  Group purchasing also allows governments to shrink procurement costs.  Instead of a hundred separate entities working on their own, one group can act, cutting the work to around one percent of the previous efforts.

The strength of H-PACT is that individual cities and towns can pick and choose the services they utilize.  They do not have to go with a specific vendor or contract if they don’t wish.  It simply gives them more options and more leverage in the market than they had prior to creating H-PACT.

For more information on H-PACT, feel free to call Sheri Gilbert at 623-594-4370.

HPACT Program Information at the League Conference


League of Arizona Cities and Towns Honors VSMG for Gold Sponsorship


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