October is Breast Cancer Screening Month

Valley Schools Employee Benefit Trust (VSEBT) and United Healthcare have made Breast Cancer screenings their priority for October.  This is a link to a brochure on the topic:

100-6586_UHC_October Breast Cancer_TS_FINAL

If you work at a location with over 2,000 women, odds are one will die each year because they do not get early screenings for breast cancer.  How long can we tolerate such a situation when the solution takes just one doctor visit per year from age 40 to 50, and just once every two years after that?  What does it take for women to care about their own health?  Some studies have shown that the top three reasons women don’t go are 1) Fear it will hurt; 2) convenience; and 3) they are afraid to find out bad news.

As a man, we are even worse.  Less than 15% of men get their regular prostate exams, even though that is a major killer of men.  Why?  1) convenience; 2) afraid it will hurt or be embarrassing; 3) they are afraid to know the results.  How many times have women been the “responsible ones” and nagged their men into life saving treatments?  It is time to turn that concern to your own health.

VSEBT and UHC are working together.  VSEBT also has the Wellstyles program which provides points and prizes for health living, and the PREP program to give discounted medical premiums for early screenings.  VSEBT works with Mobile Onsite Mammography (MOM) and with SOLIS to get women onsite or easy appointments for care.  They have managed to slightly increase screening percentages.  Nationwide, those percentages have actually dropped.

I personally talked to a woman who lost her mom and sister to breast cancer but won’t get her mammography because she “doesn’t want to know.”  Dying of breast cancer is not easy.  Once it metastasizes it moves throughout your body, getting into your bones.  Bone death is a terrible pain barely muted by morphine.  Unfortunately, I have personally suffered bone death which was cured by removing about fourteen inches of bone.  The pain is indescribably.

When breast cancer reaches this point, total chemotherapy and radiation provides the only slim hope of remission.  You lose your hair, your taste, your weight, you throw up, you have no strength.  Every day you regret not having got that test…  Because it was not convenient, your breasts were squished, you were afraid to know the truth…

Call today if you need a test or show any peculiar signs.  Don’t wait.  Your very life depends on it.

For more information, you can call your doctor.  For information on innovative wellness programs, call Andrea Billings or Sheri Gilbert at VSEBT at 623-695-5982.


One thought on “October is Breast Cancer Screening Month

  1. a topic near and dear to my heart! my best friend died from this disease as did her younger sister 10 years ago last month. I still miss her.

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