One thought on “Bad Food Cravings – How to Solve Them Wisely

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    Food cravings are the most horrible feelings around. Especially if you are diabetic or have kidney disease at any stage, along with many other chronic diseases. Also bad when you are trying to lose some weight or just trying to improve your overall health by changing your lifestyle. I have found that by eating the proper foods on my renal diet that my cravings have all but disappeared unless I get sick or other things, like pain are invading my body now with ESRD and dialysis.

    Food choices are very important on the Renal Diet and Diabetic Diet and the more we know about the benefits and downfalls of certain choices of what we put into our mouths the more we can be proactive in the progression to kidney disease and in every stage of CKD the more we can control the progression of kidney disease and possibly go many years before dialysis begins. Of course, exercise is just as important to our health.

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