Pet Health MD

There is a site for cats and dogs called Pet Health MD, much like WebMD for us human folk.  The health of your furry family member is very important.  Please use this resource to help find out about your pet when they are not feeling well.  It should not be used instead of a veterinarian treatment, but as a site for information:

In the  middle top you can click on the cat shape, or the dog shape, and list your pets symptoms.  Then you click on the part of the pet that is bothering it, and click on symptoms.  It will then you give helpful possible causes and actions you can take.


Good veterinary care, regular check-ups, shots, exercise, attention and good food is what our pets need.  Make sure you keep them up to date on their quality of care.  There are now insurance plans for pets as well that you can choose from.  Some are very expensive, while others are quite cheap.  VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance) is one such company that does business with The Valley Schools Employee Benefits Trust (VSEBT) and provides an outstanding array of group rated and individual plans for your pets, including birds and exotic pets.  Unforeseen illness can leave you in the tough spot of going broke or choosing not to pay for costly care for your pet.  Pet Insurance is a great way to keep from getting into that situation.

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