Solis Offering Mammogram Discounts Through VSEBT

The Valley Schools Employee Benefits Trust (VSEBT) offers free mammograms for preventive care to all their covered members.  However, health care coverage is not available to some part time or seasonable employees, or those without insurance or may not be included in the plan of a spouse.  VSEBT teamed up with Solis to solve this problem and provide affordable mammograms to those employed by VSEBT participating employers, but without health insurance.

$99 SolisCoupon

Solis is offering the folks that are employed by VSEBT member school districts but are not eligible for district benefits and/or do not have insurance coverage at all a coupon for a mammogram for $99. Solis is also offering the gift card of choice (district promotion) as well to those who use the coupon if the District is participating in the gift card promotion program.


Currently, the following employers are participating in this program:

Chandler Unified School District

Littleton Elementary School District

Paradise Valley Unified School District

Balsz Elementary School District

Tolleson Union School District (coming soon)

Congratulations to VSEBT, Solis and these school districts for helping women get early preventive mammograms!

logo vsmgsolis logo


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