Planning the Key to Healthcare Savings

Planning is one of the keys to long term healthcare savings.  Each year, the Valley Schools Employee Benefits Trust (VSEBT) hosts a planning session in which all of its member organizations participate and are briefed on various issues.  The organization is a professionally managed trust that allows group purchasing options for its members.  This commitment to providing information, a look back, and a look forward, followed by effective planning has consistently reduced costs and saved millions per year for their members.

Tom Boone, VSMG

Tom Boone, VSMG

This year, the following items were briefed on their agenda:

Opening Comments – Tom Boone, Chairman, CEO, Valley Schools Management Group (VSMG)

1.2013/14 and Beyond – Long Range Planning – Lisa Rafferty, Aon/Hewitt

2.Benchmark Data – Dave Petta, Aon/Hewitt
3.Financial Statements and Claims Experience Reports, Andrea Billings, VSEBT
4.Valley Schools Update – Patrick Dittman, (VSMG)
5.Procurement Versus Trust Participation – Options in Insurance Buying, Bill Munch (VSMG) and Andrea Billings (VSEBT)
6.Healthcare Reform – Lisa Rafferty, Aon/Hewitt
Open Discussion
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More organizations should regularly discuss their current performance, upcoming changes, and plan for the future.  Too often organizations do not pay attention to their healthcare or other employee benefits except at renewal time, and then it is a rush to make stop gap decisions to get rising costs under budget.  This may lead to poor choices and pushing more costs onto burdened employees.  Careful planning and discussion and lead to long term strategies, well thought through and explored, that yield much more manageable increase curves over time.
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