Cure for Aging Drug?

New Anti Aging Drug May Double Human Life Span, Scientists Say

A powerful antioxidant drug is being tested that is able to heal age-related diseases from cataract to cancer and may considerably prolong human life span.
Irene Woodhead
on Sep 22, 2010
Skulachev's Ions: New Anti Aging Antioxidant Drug - Yuri Medvedev (

Scientists in the US, Russia and United Kingdom have been independently testing their respective versions of a brand new drug that’s supposed to cure certain age-related diseases and, according to them, might considerably increase human life expectancy. The new anti-aging drug targets mitochondria: an organelle responsible for the cell’s energy creation and, ultimately, for the aging processes in the body.

The new drug is a powerful antioxidant that can prevent – or, in some cases, even revert – cell damage caused by mitochondria malfunction: the process which, in turn, is responsible for many age-related diseases and even for the process of aging itself.


Revolutionary Anti-Aging Drug May Extend Cell Life up to Ten Times

According to Nobel Prize winner Dr. Gunter Blobel, M.D., Ph.D. at Rockefeller University, Russian scientist Professor Vladimir Skulachev and his team of researchers currently lead the field with their powerful antioxidant compound, dubbed “Skulachev’s Ions”. As Dr. Blobel admitted in his interview to the news channel Russia Today,

“We do not have an antioxidant of the type that Skulachev has developed. He coined the term bioenergetics. He is clearly the world’s best bio-chemist and bio-energetic scientist.”

Professor Skulachev and his team have been working on the drug for the last forty years, but only recently they have managed to produce a test version that doesn’t have any of the potential side effects. Skulachev’s anti-aging drug works by preventing mitochondrial oxidation, resulting in healthier, younger cells that live up to ten times longer.

Anti-Aging Antioxidant is Currently Undergoing Tests in Russia

The first tests of Professor Skulachev’s drug have been conducted when it was administered, in the form of eye drops, to old animals suffering from cataract and retina dystrophy. Nine out of thirteen blind dogs, three out of four cats, six out of six rabbits, five hundred rats and a horse regained their sight after being treated with the new antioxidant drug.

Although tests on human beings are still in the future, the Russian law doesn’t prevent inventors from testing their substances on themselves. After being diagnosed with cataract of both eyes, Professor Skulachev – currently seventy-five years old – underwent surgery on one eye while treating the other eye with his antioxidant drops. Eight months later, as the scientist admitted in his interview to leading Russian journalist Vladimir Pozner, the cataract on the eye treated with the new drug had disappeared completely, to the point when the scientist’s treating ophthalmologist refused to believe his eyes.


The New Anti-Aging Drug will be Affordable and Available over the Counter

The new anti-aging drug, however powerful, is not a cure-all, although the list of diseases treatable with “Skulachev’s Ions” include cancer, osteoporosis, muscle dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease and immune conditions to name just a few. But, which is just as important, the scientist is adamant that the new anti-aging drug is quite cheap to make and, once approved, should be available over the counter to everyone who would wish to take it.

“We’re not making a secret formula for the stinking rich. Our drug shouldn’t cost more than a pack of antibiotics,” Professor Skulachev said in his interview to Vladimir Pozner.

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