VSEBT Offers WellCard Program!

VSEBT Offers WellCard Program!

The Valley Schools Employee Benefits Trust (VSEBT) has teamed up with the Arizona Association of School Business Officials (AASBO) to offer school district employees the opportunity to participate in the WellCard Program.  This is an outstanding opportunity for school district teachers and other staff to enjoy additional discounts in their medical, dental and pharmacy programs.  If you are interested, please contact Sheri Gilbert, Director of Marketing and Business Development at VSEBT at 623-594-4370.  Below is a Power Point presentation describing this exciting new opportunity.  Farther down is an implementation explanation.

Implementation Guidelines

Benefits Concepts will work directly with Valley Schools Trust as your partner to answer any final questions prior to the decision being made to activate the ASBO WellCard Health program.  This usually entails a webinar teleconference with Valley Schools Trust and the School District set up by Account Manager.  Once the decision to activate the program has been made, Benefit Concepts will work directly with Account Manager.  Discussions will center around the Agreement which needs to be signed, will the WellCard Health website be linked to the District website(s).  All materials including the cards, worksite posters, card stands and links to the website are at NO COST to the District.  We like to start the first District implementations with the Districts of the Board Members.  The Board Member can direct the Account Manager to the person at the District level who would oversee this type of program.  The Account Manager will use the excel spreadsheet provided or one similar capturing all of the same pertinent information for each School District.  The Account Manager will submit to Benefits Concepts all of the information gathered including the excel spreadsheet so that Benefits Concepts can complete the submission order form and remit same to the PBM to begin the printing of materials and assignment of unique Group ID #’s.

logo vsmg

Distribution of the WellCards

Educational materials can be customized with the School Districts logo as well as a unique identifier called a Group ID.  This Group ID will be printed on each hard copy card and be reflected on the printable card from the WellCard Health website should the link to the WellCard Health website be requested.  I have attached a sample of a suggested implementation plan which was developed by Jeri Ward of Pendergast Elementary School District who works with Brian Mee ASBO President.  This implementation plan provides the necessary information for ordering cards, card stands, worksite posters and where the materials are to be placed.  Continuing support and education of the WellCard Health program will determine the program’s success.  There are several prime times to distribute the card and the informational pieces.  One is when the parents are registering their child(ren) for the upcoming year.  Another is during the annual open enrollment season or health fairs.  This could be part of the enrollment packet.  Also, there are several prime locations to post the worksite posters along with card stands.  These include but are not limited to, School Nurses offices, District offices, Central Registration, Warehouse offices, Maintenance offices, Food Services, Transportation, Learning Centers, etc.  Some Districts have a public learning center open to everyone which is also ideal.   The Account Manager and their staff will assist with the regular updating of these materials.   One final thought.  Education and more education along with continued support of the program is the key to its success.  Benefits Concepts will work with each of you to help the ASBO WellCard Health program be a meaningful and successful program to benefit the people in your States.

Benefits Concepts LLC is a privately held company domiciled in Tucson, Arizona.  Greg Reece and Mike Kalsched are the principal owners with over 30 years’ experience each working with School Districts providing guidance.  You can contact them at:

mike@benecepts.com  or 480-361-4933

greg@benecepts.com  or 520-237-6758

Additional information needed.

  1. District name and logo in either pdf, jpeg or tif format and how they will appear on the card.
  2. IT contact information; name, phone and email address.
  3. Shipping address where cards, posters and stands will be sent and to whom.
  4. URL address for website link.

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