New Funeral Planning Service with Life Insurance Plan

The Valley Schools Employee Benefits Trust (VSEBT) in partnership with ING is providing the opportunity for all its members to participate in Everest Funeral Planning services.  This is a concierge program that helps the family and loved ones of the recently passed to help them with funeral planning and cost comparisons.  A brochure is linked here:

Everest Price Finder (2)

Often, the process of dealing with the death of a relative is difficult enough, without having to learn all about funeral costs, planning, and learning how to access life insurance benefits.  My wife was conservator of the will for her mother and it took a serious toll on her and the estate disposition took two years to resolve.  When her father died, she had to work for months to get his life insurance policies and funeral arrangements cleared.

everest price finder

This type of service is extremely valuable under those conditions.  It not only helps with the life insurance pay-out, but with the immediate issues of what to do and how to arrange a funeral.  The price finder keeps you from being taken by an unscrupulous operator during your most stressful time.


Congratulations to VSEBT and ING for including this option for their members!

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