Madison Elementary School District Joins VSEBT, saves Big!

The Madison Elementary School District (MESD) recently joined the Valley Schools Employee Benefits Trust (VSEBT) resulting in large savings in many areas.  For life insurance coverage alone, the savings is 50% over previous costs.  VSEBT was created by school districts, for school districts, in 1986 as a professional trust manager to provide the opportunity for school districts to work cooperatively in purchasing for better rates.  During those years, school districts have experienced millions in savings each year.

madison logo

The Madison Elementary School District (MESD) has a long history of providing high quality education to its students, maintaining high test scores, and being a great place to work.  By looking for innovative ways such as VSEBT to save money, MESD continues to provide these services to the community while remaining within the increasingly small education budget funding per pupil.


The Madison Elementary School District Board, Left to right: Sasha Glassman, Sarah Speer, Kendra Tollackson, Robin Stamp, and Scott Holcomb

Congratulations to MESD and VSEBT on this outstanding joint venture which will benefit the children, the staff, and the taxpayers with lower costs for benefits!

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