VSEBT Gets Perfect Marks on Audits

The Valley Schools family of  joint insurance trust and pools originated in 1986, created by Arizona school districts as a non-profit organization to allow local governments to save money by group purchasing insurance with professional shared management.  Since 1986, the Valley Schools family has grown to include VSMG, the management arm, VSWCP, for workers’ compensation insurance, VSIT for liability and property insurance, and the Valley Schools Employee Benefits Trust (VSEBT) for employee and dependent benefits.

audit excellence

In over 26 years of audits, Valley Schools has not had a critical finding.  That is over a quarter century of clean audits.  The most recent was performed by REDW, LLC. and completed for both 2011 and 2012.  Both audits were once again, perfect.

redw logo

Congratulations to Valley Schools, their CEO and Chairman Tom Boone, and the CFO Dan Davison for their hard work and dedication keeping the savings coming and the financials and investments spotless.  In this time of financial turmoil it is good to hear positive news.

logo vsmg


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