VSEBT and UHC Team Up to Provide Bilingual Health Website

United Healthcare (UHC) in their preferred provider status with the Valley Schools Employee Benefits Trust (VSEBT) is providing an online Bilingual Health Information Center Website.  This is increasingly important in places like Arizona where language can be a serious barrier to proper treatment.  Speaking a second language is difficult enough, but many of the medical terms used are not picked up in daily life, leaving patients frustrated describing or understanding their conditions.  Savings and better health outcomes result when patients are able to clearly communicate their symptoms, problems and any adverse treatment reactions.  Congratulations to both organizations for taking this critical step to improve health care services to individuals in their own native language.

bilingual med

New Features Offered on Bilingual Health Information Center Website


As a reminder, one way UnitedHealthcare Latino Health Solutions has responded to the needs of Hispanics in utilizing mobile devices is by developing the Bilingual Health Information Center. The mobile website offers access to extensive and culturally relevant health and wellness information and resources when users enter m.uhclatino.com from a smartphone browser.

New features have recently been added to the website. The new features include:

  • · A glossary of medical terms
  • · Healthy recipes
  • · Podcasts
  • · Sharing capabilities
  • · Other tools and resources in both English and Spanish

Digital strategies, such as the use of mobile devices to increase Hispanics’ access to health information, are essential in assisting them to become empowered and educated health care consumers. This technological approach may lead to better health outcomes and help cultivate healthier lifestyles.

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