Town of Queen Creek Holds Annual Health & Wellness Benefits Fair

The Town of Queen Creek held its Annual Health & Wellness Benefits Fair.  The fair was held on Wednesday, May 22nd from 8 am until 12 noon, at the Town’s Council Chambers. There were over thirty professional health and employee benefits vendors in attendance.  The vendors were on hand to answer employee questions on their benefit selections for the new plan year.  In addition, a wealth of information on wellness and healthy living was provided.

This is one of many efforts by the Town of Queen Creek to educate its staff, their dependents and the community on healthy living.  Through these wellness efforts, city services can be provided by healthier, more efficient employees at a lower cost.  Healthier living means lower premiums on benefit costs as well as a better life.

Valley Schools Employee Benefits Trust (VSEBT), the administrator of the Town of Queen Creek’s employee benefits was in attendance as well and helped answer employee questions on the Town’s new ING products on term life insurance.  This new offering will dramatically cut costs for the Town.

logo vsmg

The Town’s active wellness committee operated a few different booths, including a salsa competition and a “guess that herb” booth to help promote their employee managed organic herb garden on-site. Employees are encouraged to clip herbs to take home to cook with them for improving their diet.  The Town also had free bio-metric screenings on-site, including blood glucose and bone density testing.

Congratulations to the Town of Queen Creek for their ongoing health and wellness efforts!


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