ASA Helps Improve Educational Excellence

The Arizona School Administrators (ASA) Association recently held a three day conference to bring Arizona education leaders up to speed on the latest issues and legislation.  The Mission of Arizona School Administrators is to promote and support educational excellence in school leadership.

asa logo

The summer ASA conference dates were June 9, 10 and 11.  It is an opportunity to discuss and share best practices and strategies to improve education.  Our congratulations to organizations working together to improve our future leaders.

Valley Schools was among the supporters of the ASA conference.  They had a presence at an informative booth with preferred partner VSP in support of ASA’s Mission to promote and support educational excellence in school leadership and talk to participants about Valley Schools services and VSP’s diabetic eye health program.  Valley Schools provides services to tens of thousands of staff and dependents in Arizona school districts.  The services include workers’ compensation insurance, liability insurance, and health and other employee benefits.

Valley Schools received an award from ASA Executive Director, Debra Duvall for their continued support as a 3 star sponsor.  (pictured above.)  It is good to see that the health and wellness of our students and their teachers and families is also considered for future educational planning.  Without good health, good education is much harder to achieve.

logo vsmg

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