VSEBT Briefs Members on Benefits at Quarterly Meeting

The Valley Schools Employee Benefits Trust (VSEBT) conducts quarterly benefit meetings where it briefs representatives from each of its member organizations on benefit changes.  The next meeting will be held later this month at the Paradise Valley Unified School District (PVUSD) offices.  While changes are occurring rapidly in healthcare and other benefit areas, most employers are lost in the fog of new regulations.  VSEBT ensures its members are always up-to-date on current regulatory changes and cost factors.


At the next meeting human resources and employee benefits professionals will gather to discuss medical rates and trends impacting renewal calculations.  This topic will be presented by Jamison Davis of the Hays Company.  Sheri Gilbert, the Director of Business Development and Retention at VSEBT will be giving an update on revised business practices within the benefits field.


Rebecca McGonigle, editor of Wellstyles Monthly Newsletter, will be reviewing the new PREP program offered by VSEBT which rewards employees that take steps to improve their health with lower insurance premiums.  Andrea Billings of Valley Schools and Lisa Rafferty of Aon/Hewitt will provide up to the minute detailed information on federal health care reform.  Finally, Kevin VanSkike will present on TDA discounts.

Andrea Billings

Andrea Billings

We applaud these quarterly updates to members so they can stay on the cutting edge of health and wellness, keep their premiums low, and maintain a focus on healthy and happy employees.




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