Paradise Valley Unified School District Hosts QBM

The Paradise Valley Unified School District (PVUSD) hosted the Quarterly Benefits Meeting (QBM) of the Valley Schools Employee Benefits Trust (VSEBT).  VSEBT is a non-profit organization created to provide group purchasing and professional trust management for school district staff and families.  VSEBT has over 30,000 members.  Each QBM trains member district human resources, finance and benefits staff on the latest changes in healthcare, benefits, legal requirements and updates on innovations.


At this QBM the speakers included:

Andrea Billings, Administrator of VSEBT – Presented an update on National Health Care Reform.  The program is undergoing massive changes on a regular basis.  Andrea Billings is an expert in this field and keeps members up to date on changes and how VSEBT is ensuring compliance.

Jamison Davis, Hays Company – Presented on benchmarking, rate renewal determinations and calculations, demographic and claims trending, and what to expect for future medical costs.

Kevin Van Skike, Total Dental Administrators (TDA) – Presented on exciting new programs and discounts offered by TDA to members of the VSEBT.

Molly Gagnon, ING – Presented on portability and convertion options through ING for life insurance.  These options allow members to take their coverage with them when they change employers or they leave their jobs or retire.

Ryan Comstock, AON/Hewitt – Presented on AON’s Compliance Dashboard, a tool that all VSEBT Members who have medical coverage with VSEBT have access too at no additional cost.  The dashboard and its reporting tool is designed to log all compliance and notice activity.   Maintaining compliance grows more complicated with thousands of new regulations being added each month.  Having all of those compliance issues managed through one dashboard is a tremendous benefits to employers.


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