VSEBT Quarterly Benefits Meeting to Explore Health Issues

The April Quarterly Benefits Meeting conducted by the Valley Schools Employee Benefits Trust (VSEBT) will include a number of recognized health and benefit experts briefing human resources and benefits staff on how better to serve their staff and their family members.  Aflac’s expert on benefits will start out the session, followed by presentations on HIPAA regulations regarding patient privacy, and COBRA administration and legal issues from Eiverness Consulting Group, Ltd.

untitled (2)

The program will conclude with presentations by Andrea Billings of Aon/Hewitt on the latest changes to the Affordable Health Care Act regulations regarding variable hour employees and a report by Hays Consulting on renewal trends and medical cost factors.

Andrea Billings, Aon/Hewitt

Andrea Billings, Aon/Hewitt

Congratulations to VSEBT for maintaining such a vigorous program of information and updates for their participating members.  With healthcare changing every moment, it is good to know some organizations are staying ahead of the changes.


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