Health Benefits of Spices and Herbs

Health Benefits of Spices and Herbs

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Spices apart completely changing and improving the taste of food, they are great sources of health. It is best when spices are consumed fresh, but you can use them in a dried state.

We present a list of seven spices and herbs that are the true guardians of our health:

A sprig of parsley can provide much more than a decoration on your plate.Parsley is good for refreshing breath. Powerful diuretic, excellent against infections of the urinary tract. It fits in every dish, meat and fish, but it is necessary and indispensable as a spice for soups, stews and casseroles.Full of vitamin K

The onion is a natural diuretic, goes perfectly with every meal, perfectly agrees with fish, salads and stews.

Basil is good for digestion. Excellent addition to salads, soups and pasta.

Sage reduces sweating and purifies throat. Best agrees with soups, baked dishes and sauces.

Rosemary is otherwise considered a natural replacement of aspirin, because it calms the nervous system and improves digestion. Goes well with stews, soups and meat.

Dill calms gases and bloating stomach. Best for soups, sauces and different dressings.

Coriander is effective anti urinary infections and gives a great taste of vegetables and various soups.

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