Cacao, Banana & Avocado Smoothie

Cacao, Banana & Avocado Smoothie

Cacao, Banana & Avocado Smoothie

Craving something sweet? Try this cacao, banana and avocado smoothie. It’s the ultimate sweet fix. The combination of banana, cacao, dates, avocado, almond milk and almond butter is too incredible as each glass is just so deliciously smooth, rich, creamy and chocolatey. Yet still so wonderfully light and, even better, so speedy to make – literally three minutes from cupboard to cup. It’s like a new and improved take on chocolate milk, just a million times healthier! The over-ripe banana, dates and drop of agave really make this so unbelievably sweet, it’s almost hard to believe that it is natural. Trust me, everyone will love this. It was such a hit in the flat last night that we ended up licking the blender clean! It’s just that good. So sweet, so natural, so easy. Recipes like this really make not eating processed sugar, chocolate and candy too easy. I never would have thought I’d say it, but Haribo, Ben & Jerrys or Cadburys, could never taste more delicious than this.

Avocado may seem like a weird addition to the ingredient list here, but it is the magic ingredient as it makes the smoothie so irresistibly creamy. It really works to replace yoghurt, which would normally be used in smoothies. Not only does the avocado make the texture a trillion times better, but it also really vamps up the health properties of this drink as it is such a super food. One of the most awesome things a bout avocados is that they’ve been shown to really increase the absorption of all the vitamins and minerals of the foods eaten with them, meaning you’ll get even more goodness from all the other ingredients. They’re also great sources of vitamins E, K and B, all of which help to keep your body strong by regulating your metabolism, keeping your bones strong and keeping your skin glowing. As well as having serious anti-inflammatory properties, promoting blood sugar regulation and containing a great portion of fibre. So much goodness in one vegetable!

Cacao, Banana & Avocado Smoothie

Makes 1 large glass:

– 1/2 a cup of almond milk

– 1 really ripe banana

– 1/2 an avocado

– 4 medjool dates

– 2 teaspoons of cacao

– 1 teaspoon of manuka honey

– 1 teaspoon of almond butter

– a few ice cubes

Cacao, Banana & Avocado Smoothie

Peel the banana and avocado, discarding their skins and pit the dates.

Then, simply place all of the ingredients into the blender, blend for 2 minutes until smooth.

Pour, sip and love.

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