Valley Schools Taps Christy Todd as New Senior Account Manager

Valley Schools, a non-profit broker and trust for insurance benefits, recently hired Christy Todd as a new Senior Account Executive due to massive growth in the number of covered lives at Valley Schools and significant increases in school district membership.  Valley Schools has over a quarter century of experience in group purchasing of insurance.

According to their website at, this is Christy Todd’s outstanding resume and new position:


Christy Todd

Christy Todd serves as a Senior Account Executive responsible for large member clients. Christy has over three decades of experience in personnel benefits and health care administration. Prior to joining VSMG this year she was the owner of the agency, AZ Health and Life Advisors LLC. Before that, Ms. Todd was an Agency Manager for UnitedHealthcare, spent 15 years in various executive positions at Blue Cross Blue Shield, and had served as a manager at both John Alden Insurance and at Pacific Mutual of Arizona.  She holds a degree in Education; Business Management from Bloomington College.

Congratulations to both Christy and Valley Schools!



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