Paradise Valley School District Plans Celebration for Centennial

The Paradise Valley Unified School District (PVUSD) is approaching a landmark of 100 years!  As a result, PVUSD is preparing to celebrate a century of teaching students.

District supporters are now preparing for alumni to be returning back to their roots for a celebration of the district that opened in 1913.

pvusd logo

To mark the occasion, the district will be putting on four events: including 1) a golf tournament; 2)  an art festival at the Paradise Valley Mall;  3)  a 5k fitness run; and 4)  a big celebration for the centennial evening.

The centennial evening is planned for October 19, 2013.


PVUSD has a long and rich history of educating children, hosting an annual 5k run, and being a large part of the local community.  You can type PVUSD in the Search block to find more articles on the district, including the recent 5k run and health fairs co-supported by VSEBT.  Congratulations on 100 years PVUSD!

To help people share memories, photos and connect with each other, a Facebook page has been established. For additional information or to sign up for events, call (602)-449-2205 or visit